Webinar: Latest advances in treatment of AML and what it means for patients

March 21, 2023

This webinar was made possible as a joint initiative between three LePAF networks (CLLANALAN, and CMLAN) and the UK charity Leukaemia Care

This educational webinar gave an overview of how AML is treated today and the significance of ’hot topics’ and key treatment development advances published and discussed at 2022 international hematology conferences.

What is new and what does this mean for patients?


Dr Mike Dennis
Consultant Hematologist, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust (UK)

Anne -Pierre Pickaert
Patient Advocate, Acute Leukemia Advocates Network (FR)

Charlotte Martin
Patient Advocacy Manager, Leukaemia Care (UK)



Presentation ALAN and Leukaemia Care

Highlights in AML

This webinar can be useful for people affected by a diagnosis of AML: patients, family members, supporters and advocates.