Time to Act: Calls for Urgent Action as One Million Cancer Cases are Undiagnosed in Europe Due to Covid-19

May 10, 2021

Nearly one million Cancer cases in Europe are being missed due to Covid-19, according to new data published today by the European Cancer Organisation (E.C.O).

The findings, a stark reminder of the challenges facing cancer care services in Europe during the pandemic, coincide with the launch of Time To Act, E.C.O’s campaign to urge the public, cancer patients, policymakers and healthcare professionals to ensure Covid-19 does not continue to undermine the fight against Cancer.

The study reveals that the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that:

– An estimated one million Cancer cases could be undiagnosed in Europe

– An estimated 100 million Cancer screening tests were not performed in Europe during the pandemic, leading to later stage diagnoses and decreased overall survival

– Up to 1 in 2 people with potential cancer symptoms were not urgently referred for diagnosis

– 1 in every 5 cancer patients in Europe is currently still not receiving the surgical or chemotherapy treatment they need

E.C.O is also presenting the data findings to BECA in a bid to steer the Committee to give Covid-19 and Cancer its highest priority. BECA recently published a summary of its Covid-19 and cancer consultation, concluding that the pandemic has led to delays in cancer detection and treatment, leading to significant backlogs further pressurising  already strained healthcare systems.

For more information on Time To Act, and to find out about the steps you can take to ensure Covid-19 doesn’t stop you from tackling Cancer, visit TimeToActCancer.com.