Fundación MÁS QUE IDEAS (Spain)

MÁS QUE IDEAS Foundation is a spanish independent and non-for-profit organization

The organisation has a dual purpose:

  • To foster, develop and participate in initiatives aiming to enhance individual and collective action from the different stakeholders in healthcare. MÁS QUE IDEAS pursues the benefit of people who live with a disease and people who will live with a disease in the future.
  • To become a generator of knowledge, and a catalyst for the genesis of ideas and actions that promote debate and progress in healthcare.

The hallmark of MÁS QUE IDEAS is our commitment to networking as a key element for the development of efficient projects, centered on patients needs and social innovation. MÁS QUE IDEAS Foundation aims to become a generator of knowledge and a catalyst for new ideas. Knowledge and ideas that are useful for the development of support and training activities aimed to patients, relatives and the rest of stakeholders in the health sector. The central mission of MÁS QUE IDEAS is to serve as a hub for all stakeholders that contribute to patients’ quality of life, allowing all stakeholders to work together to exchange resources and good practices.

We value the importance of being in touch with international organizations and stakeholders to have a global vision. Our purpose is to work worldwide and connect people and organizations in healthcare sector, national and internationally. Only in this way, we´ll be able to face the different challenges that we all share.