Association Laurette Fugain (France)

The Association Laurette Fugain, the non-for-profit patient organisation that fights against leukaemia, was founded in 2002.
Its missions are threefold:

• support pediatric and adult medical research on leukaemias by both funding research projects (more than 8.3 million euros allocated to 176 research projects; Laurette Fugain research prize which rewards young hematology researchers; and international congress grants for young hematologists) and being a spokesperson for leukaemia research to the general public and health institutions.

• mobilise around gifts of life (blood, platelets and bone marrow) by raising public awareness of their civic responsibility and informing them on the purpose and practicalities of each donation.

• help patients and their families by supporting hospital staff initiatives, as well as developing innovative projects, which improve patient care and family carers day-to-day lives.
Initiatives include the access to certified sports instructors during hospitalization in partnership with CAMI, the Sport & Cancer charity, and the awarding of the Laurette grant in collaboration with the Franco-African Group of Pediatric Oncology. The Laurette grant finances two-month internships in France for African young hematologists.