APCL (Portugal)

Portuguese Association against Leukemia (APCL) was founded in January 2002 on the initiative of a group of patients who have survived hemato-oncological pathologies (leukemias and lymphomas) and a group of doctors from the Portuguese Institute of Francisco Gentil (IPOFG) of Lisbon who treated them.

The main motivation of the founders of the APCL was based on their understanding of the importance of raising awareness and mobilizing civil society to support all those who fight daily against the devastating disease of leukemia.

The mission of the APCL is to contribute, at the national level, to increase the efficiency of the treatment of leukemias and other associated hematological neoplasms.

The main objectives to which APCL sets itself are:

– Maintaining and developing the Register of voluntary bone marrow donors in Portugal – CEDACE (National Center for Donors of Bone Marrow, Rod or Cord Blood Cells);
– Promote the advancement of scientific knowledge on the nature, evolution, prevention and treatment of these diseases, support scientific research with a scholarship program and invest in advanced training for health professionals;
– Financial support for leukemia patients and their families.