ABRALE (Brazil)

The Brazilian Lymphoma and Leukemia Association – ABRALE, is a non-profit social organization, is one of the most respected and important associations in Brazil that works across the country to democratize the treatment and quality of life of people with hematological diseases (lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma, myelodysplasia, ITP, myeloproliferative). It was founded in 2002, by the social entrepreneur Merula Anargyrou Steagall, patient of Thalassemia mayor.

Our impact:
+ 35 thousand patients and family members benefited free of charge each year.
+ 12,000 doctors and health professionals trained annually through the ABRALE programs.
We have national operations in 13 states with presence in more than 190 reference centers in the country.

Areas of expertise:
1 – Patient Support: department formed by specialized professionals to assist all Brazilian patients, answering their questions about cancer and its treatment and also through psychological, legal and nutritional support.
2 – Education and Information: we use different channels (magazine, social networks, website, and manuals) to always keep patients and families informed about cancer and its treatment. Our awareness campaigns bring the importance of early diagnosis to the entire population. Our distance education projects train health professionals in the field of oncology.
3 – Research and Monitoring: with the Oncology Observatory project, an online and dynamic platform for monitoring public data, we evaluate health policies and their application in society. Surveys with patients, health professionals and doctors, bring us relevant information about the therapy applied in the country.
4 – Public Policies: We work intensively in the area of advocacy to, together with the responsible bodies, improve the promotion, humanization and access to cancer treatment. Our purpose is to improve the outcome of treatments in Brazil.

Along our journey, ABRALE has helped thousands of patients, built important bridges between those who need help and those who can offer a solution. Collaborating for the advancement of important laws, which greatly benefited the health system and oncology in Brazil, with the objective of empowering patients and expanding their knowledge, fomenting their shared decisions with doctors and health professionals.