2 months to World Leukemia Day !

July 7, 2021

We are now 2 months away from World Leukemia Day which is on 4th September is a yearly global campaign in collaboration with patient groups across the globe !

The campaign will continue to raise awareness in signs and symptoms of leukemia and important of early detection and recognition and underlining the importance of visiting the doctor even during the current pandemic.


–  By raising awareness of leukemia and educating the world on the signs and symptoms of this condition, we can work together to help leukemia patients get diagnosed and provide better outcomes for them. You can make a difference no matter who you are and where you live.

–  Encourage people to get seen by a healthcare professional – This will help reduce the numbers of preventable leukemia deaths across the world and provide patients with greater outcomes.



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– Videos on signs and symptoms: https://www.worldleukemiaday.org/videos

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Check https://acuteleuk.org/project/awareness-campaign/?53 and https://www.worldleukemiaday.org/ for more !