Saudi Society for Blood Disorders (Saudi Arabia)

The Saudi Society for Blood Disorders (SSBD) is a professional non-profit organization, founded according to Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) associations council recommendation and based on agreement letter number 1/A/2018 dated 30 May 2018 of Board of Trustees of SCFHS headed by the Minister of Health.

The Society represents multiple medical and scientific disciplines such as adult hematology, pediatric hematology, hemato-pathology and blood and bone marrow transplant.
Society membership includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, scientists, researchers, administrators, medical technologists and other healthcare providers.

To lead and influence the practice of hematology in Saudi Arabia through promotion of excellence in patient care, research, continuuous professional and public education.

To become a leading regional and international scientific group in hematology field.

* To foster and facilitate scientific communication among members of the society.
* To promote scientific research and training in the field of specialization.
* To provide scientific advice and guidance in the field of specialization.
* To facilitate exchange of science and research in the field of specialization among scientific societies inside and outside the Kingdom.
* To set-up general ethical standards for professional practice.
* To act as a resource for patients and workers in the field of specialization.
* To provide social and psychological support to patients and their families.