HEMA (Macedonia)

Association HEMA is dedicated to changing outcomes of patients with hematology diseases and support for caregivers by strengthening patient advocacy in this area.

It aims to deliver tailored support to patients and caregivers on a national level while joining forces with institutions (Government and non-governmental), Physicians and other organizations to review and assist with the reform on healthcare policies and research across the country and provide our patients with current therapies and better quality of life.

As one of our activities during 2019, for the first time in our country we have remarked September-Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Blood cancers rarely produce signs or symptoms until they are very advanced. They are typically discovered by doctors performing routine blood work for other reasons or because of swelling of the lymph nodes. HEMA is committed to increasing public understanding of these diseases and providing access to breaking treatment news and resources as well as dedicated social communities where individuals impacted by these conditions can share information, support and inspiration throughout the year.

Acute leukemia’s are with highest rate of morbidity in our country especially pediatric acute leukemia’s. Therefore we are offering information and support to patients and caregivers with acute leukemia’s and organizing small group sessions for them. This year we plan to compose and publish a booklet for patients with AML and ALL for better understanding of the diseases, methods of better diagnostic and treatment and other topics according to patients needs.