Launch of ALAN Patient Preference Study

April 29, 2023

After almost 2 years of work, our patient preference study is now launched !


Obtaining a better understanding of the treatment outcomes that matter to people living with acute leukaemia can be useful to guide drug discovery, inform the appraisal of new treatments, and the development of managed access or outcomes-based payment schemes. To date, however, little quantitative preference research has been conducted in this context. This study could help to inform future treatment reimbursement decisions.


The overall aim of this study is to better understand the aspects of treatment that matter most to different groups of acute leukaemia patients. This evidence will help inform the evaluation of treatments now and in the future.

More specifically, the objectives are to:

  1. Better understand relative importance of different aspects of leukaemia treatments and their outcomes to individuals with acute leukaemia
  2. Better understand and characterise the heterogeneity in patients’ preferences based on observed patient characteristics
  3. Support future health technology assessments and promote access to future treatment options, based on the aspects that matter most to patients.

Patient profile

  • Age: 18+ y.o
  • All acute leukemias

ALAN is running one study in patients who are relapsed/ refractory and another study in newly diagnosed patients.


  • UK : Survey link –> click here 
  • US : Launch soon
  • EU4 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain)